Weather Policy

As with any outdoor sport/activity in Florida, weather is always going to be an issue. We do our best to hold practices at the scheduled days & times, but pole vaulting can become dangerous when equipment and surfaces get wet. Hands start slipping off of the pole, athletes start slipping on the runway if they're not wearing quality shoes, or shoes with low tread, etc.

For this reason, practices WILL get canceled from time to time. It's just the reality of living and training in FL. However, 99% of the time that practice will get rescheduled on the next day, or on a day later in the week. However, it may or may not be on a day that your athlete can attend, for whatever reason. It is not possible to re-schedule a practice on an non-standard day that 'works for everyone'. Refunds or credits will not be given if your athlete can't attend a practice that has been rescheduled.

If the rain isn't bad or is just a passing shower, we frequently use those days to work on weight training and stay in the gym, out of the weather. This way we can still be productive and still have a practice on the normally scheduled day. Weight training is important in pole vaulting and it's even more important to make sure athletes know how to lift properly, with good technique.