At FLPVF, we have a large selection of poles. Our poles are rented on a case-by-case basis to ensure we are renting to an individual that will respect and take care of our poles while out on the track and in the field.

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  • $225 - 3 months – 1 pole
  • $125 - 1 month
  • $75  - 1 week
  • $25  - 1 Day (meet)
$20 exchange fee if you need to switch to a different pole.

warningWhile in your possession, you agree to never rest the pole on the ground. It's best to prop it up on a bench, fence, hurdle, etc. to avoid athletes stepping on it and spiking the pole. Try and keep the pole in your pole bag whenever possible. Please have a teammate catch your pole during meets or practice so it does not slam on the runway/box. Hard surfaces and poles are not friends and do not play nice together. DO NOT let any other athlete use or borrow the pole at any time unless specified by FLPVF.

At time of rental, your card will be charged the rental price above. Poles returned damaged or not returned at all because they were lost or stolen will be the responsibility of the renter and your credit card will be billed for $500. On average, poles at the high school level cost anywhere between $500-$600 plus shipping $150.

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